EzVoice, a companion product of EzPhone Recorder, enables you to set up an advanced voice mail, and answering machine system on your computer. More...
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Obtain a license key for your EzPhone Recorder

To obtain your license key, please fill in the form below. If you have already purchased EzPhone Recorder, your information will be verified in paid user database and your license key will be generated instantly and emailed to you within a few seconds. If you do not receive your license key within an hour, please check your spam control settings for your email account to make sure sunshinesoftsolutions.com is not blocked.

Upon receiving the license key, please click Register button on your EzPhone Recorder toolbar to bring up the registration window, and copy and paste the license key to the popup window. Click OK button on the popup to save the license key. EzPhone Recorder will now be happily working on your computer.

This service is FREE for registered user and is available 24x7. If you have not purchased EzPhone Recorder yet, please click purchase button on the top of this page to make the payment.

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